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1. мест. that much/many, so much/many; this/that much

(не повече) so/that much

ТОЛКОВА! that's all! още ТОЛКОВА as much again, (за брой) as many again

ТОЛКОВА пъти so many times

ТОЛКОВА време so much time; so long

ТОЛКОВА пъти му казвах I've told him so many times/time and again

стига ли ти ТОЛКОВА? is that enough for you?

2. нар. so; this. that

ТОЛКОВА, колкото so much/many as

ТОЛКОВА много ли ти трябва? do you need it so much/badly/urgently?

това не е ТОЛКОВА лесно it's not as easy as all that, it's not that easy

ТОЛКОВА по-добре/-зле so much the/all the better/worse

колкото по-рано, ТОЛКОВА по-добре the sooner/earlier, the better

ТОЛКОВА мога that's all I can do; I can do so much and no more

какво ТОЛКОВА му харесваш? what is there so wonderful about it?

ТОЛКОВА ги е грижа тях that's all they care, they couldn't care less

все ТОЛКОВА ще ти платят the pay will be the .same

ТОЛКОВА повече, че the more so that

ТОЛКОВА ще ме видят вече that's the last they'll see of me; they won't catch me at that game again

не е ТОЛКОВА глупав, колкото изглежда he's less of a fool than he looks

и ТОЛКОВА and that's that; and that's all there is to it

ТОЛКОВА му е на човека what is man? man is a frail creature

ТОЛКОВА иТОЛКОВА (it costs) so many levs/so many pounds and pence

в ТОЛКОВА и ТОЛКОВА часа at such and such a time

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