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1. (за начин) thus, so. (in) this/that way, in such a way; like this/that

(no този начин) thereby

ето ТАКА ! that's the way (to do it)!ТАКА ли? really? indeed? is that so? is that really the case? so that's it?

каза му, ТАКА ли? you told him, did you?

ТАКА не се говори that's not the way to speak

работата стои ТАКА thisis how matters stand

ТАКА си е, ТАКА стоят работите that's the way it is, that's how matters stand

ТАКА му и казах that's what I told him

ТАКА кажи that's more like it

как ТАКА how come? how's that?

ТАКА-нареченият the so called

и ТАКА нататък and so on and so forth

ТАКА например (thus) for example, (so) for instance

ТАКА да се каже so to say/speak; as it were

ТАКА или иначе somehow or other; one way or (an)other; anyhow, in any event; at any rate; in either case

ТАКА погледнато looking at it in that light/way

ТАКА му се пада (it) serves him right

и той ще направи ТАКА he will do likewise

нека си остане ТАКА leave it as it is, let it remain as it is

той му отговориТАКА this is what he answered, he answered as follows

щом искаш, ТАКА да бъде well then, have it your own way

може и ТАКА да е that's as may be

и ТАКА сме си добре we're all right as we are

ако е ТАКА, то if that/it is so, then

2. (толкова) so, to such an extent

бъдете ТАКА добър да be so kind as to, be kind enough to

няма да бъде ТАКА лесно it won't be so/(разг.) that easy

3. (за потвърждение) that's it/right, that's so, to be sure, sure, so it is

ТАКА да бъде all right, very well

bе it

ТАКА! that's it! както..., ТАКА и both... and

както тук. ТАКА и там both here and there, here as well as there

и ТАКА and so; therefore; hence

ТАКА че/щото so that

ТАКА че да so as to

и ТАКА и, ТАКА either way, (без друго) anyhow, anyway

(ей) ТАКА, току ТАКА just so; for no apparent reason, just like that

разхождах се ТАКА I was just walking

защо го направи?-(ей) ТАКА why did you do it?-because I felt like it

не току ТАКА not without reason, with good reason

имотът остана ТАКА the property was left uncared for

значи ТАКА so that's that

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