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1. безл. there is; (pl.) there are

ИМА защо, ИМА за какво there are good reasons for it; with good reason; there is every reason

ИМА защо да се боиш you have every reason to be afraid

ИМА-няма more or less; about, approximately

да ИМА най-много 5 години he cannot be over 5

ИМА си хас! вж. хас

ИМА дума, че they say that; there's talk of (c ger.), it is rumoured that

какво ИМА? what's up? what's the matter?

(за новини) what's the news?

какво ти ИМА? what is the matter with you?

имало едно време един старец once upon a time there was an old man

ИМА една година, откакто it's a year since, a year has passed since

ИМА нужда от вж. нужда

ИМА полза от такива книги books of this kind are useful

ИМА сведения news has been received, we are informed

оттук дотам ИМА два часа it's a good two hours' walk/journey from here to there

2. (за бъдеще време с да) shall, willinf.)

ИМА да видим много зор we'll have a hard time of it

ИМА много да чакаш you'll have to wait long; there's plenty of time before you

ИМА да съжаляваш за това you'll be sorry for it, you'll live to regret it

ИМА много хляб да ядеш, докато much water will flow under the bridge before you

ИМА много да работиш there is a lot of work ahead of you

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