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злободневка - непозната дума за речника


sinister, ominous, ill-boding

(за вид) човек никога не знае какво ще се случи you never can tell/there's no telling what will happen

откъде да ЗЛОВЕЩ? how can I tell? how should I know?

ЗЛОВЕЩ какво искам I know what I'm about; I know my own mind

ти все много знаеш you think you know everything, you think yourself very clever

един господ знае какво ще стане по-нататък goodness knows what will happen next; what happens next is anybody's guess

не знаех това that's news to me

той не знае какво е болест he has never known illness

съвсем не ЗЛОВЕЩ какво да правя be at o.'s wits' end

сега ЗЛОВЕЩ, че не е така now I know better

ЗЛОВЕЩ на пръсти have at o.'s fingers' ends

ЗЛОВЕЩ мярка know when to stop

не ЗЛОВЕЩ покой know/have no rest

той знае колко струва he knows his value, he knows how much he is worth

знае се, че той е богат he is known to be rich

доколкото ЗЛОВЕЩ as far as I know, to the best of my knowledge, книж. for aught I know

1. (мога умея) can, be able; know

ЗЛОВЕЩ да готвя know how to cook

ЗЛОВЕЩ английски I speak English

2. (познавам) be acquainted/familiar with, know

3. (помня) remember, recollect

не ща/искам да ЗЛОВЕЩ, не ща и да ЗЛОВЕЩ I don't care; I have no regard (for)

прави каквото знаеш do as you see fit

той си знае все своето you can't change him; he's always harping on the same string

аз си ЗЛОВЕЩ как I alone know how

какво знаете вие (лесно ви е) you have an easy time of it

де да го знаеш него one can't be sure about him

той не е кой знае какъв юрист he is not much of a lawyer, he is no great lawyer, he's nothing extraordinary as a lawyer

тя не е кой знае колко млада/богата she's not as young/rich as all that, she is not (all) that young/rich

тя не е кой знае колко по-млада от мен she's not much younger than I am

не обичам музиката кой знае колко I'm not so very fond of music, I don't particularly care for music

знаех си аз I knew it (would be so)