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допусна 1. (позволявам, търпя) allow, permit, let; stand, have, tolerate

(само в отрицание) brook

не допуска никакви шеги he won't/doesn't allow any joking, he won't stand/have any joking

няма да допуснем да ни се бъркат we'll brook no interference

защо допускаш да ти се подиграват? why do you let them make fun of you?

2. (предполагам, мисля) (be ready to) suppose, think, imagine; presume, assume

ДОПУСКАМ, че не са му съобщили I suppose he has not been informed; he may not have been informed

ако допуснем, че има такова нещо assuming/allowing that there is such a thing

да допуснем, че това е така let us presume/assume it is so, supposing it is so, granted it is so, put the case that it is so

мога да допусна, че I can well believe/imagine that

не допускам, че тя ще ме излъже I can't imagine that she would deceive me, it is most unlikely that she would deceive me, I refuse to admit the possibility of her deceiving me

трудно е да се допусне, че it is hard to believe that

произшествието допуска две обяснения the accident admits (of)/allows/bears two explanations

3. (давам достъп) admitto), allow (in, into)

не ме допуснаха да вляза I was not allowed in

4. (давам възможност, разрешавам) admit (да to), allow, pass

ДОПУСКАМ до изпит admit (s.o.) to an examination; let s.o. sit for an examination

ДОПУСКАМ до състезание allow (s.o.) to enter a competition

той беше допуснат до втория тур (при състезание, конкурс) he was sent forward to the second round/hearing, he qualified for the second round, he got through to the second round

(за изпит и под.) he was accepted for a second test/interview

ДОПУСКАМ грешки/слабости make mistakes/slips, allow mistakes to slip in

допусната е грешка there has been a mistake; a mistake has slipped in

не могат да се допускат такива грешки such mistakes are inadmissible

ДОПУСКАМ брак turn out rejects

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