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пo-ДОБРЕ better

най-ДОБРЕ best

(съгласен съм, прието) (all) right, very well, good, righto, okay, ОК

много ДОБРЕ very well

ДОБРЕ (тогава) (нямам нищо против) welt and good; very well

(в добро състояние) in good shape

(материално) well off

ДОБРЕ откъм well off for

(за болен) well, in a good way, comfortable

ДОБРЕ възпитан well-brought up

ДОБРЕ вързан securely tied

ДОБРЕ гледан/поддържан well kept

ДОБРЕ гледан от прен. in good odour with

ДОБРЕ дошъл welcome

за ДОБРЕ дошъл by way of welcome

ДОБРЕси дошъл you are welcometo)

ДОБРЕ запазен in a good state of preservation

ДОБРЕ известен (very) well known

ДОБРЕ казано well said

ДОБРЕ омъжена comfortably married

ДОБРЕ осведомен well-informed , rightly informed

ДОБРЕ сготвен properly cooked

ДОБРЕ съм (по отношение на здравето си) be/keep well, be/keep in good health

как си? благодаря, ДОБРЕ съм how are you? (I'm) (very) well, thank you; I'm fine. thank you

прен. I'm getting on well/nicely

не съм ДОБРЕ (със здравето) be in poor/bad/ill health, suffer from ill health

ДОБРЕ (в добри отношения) съм с stand well with, be on good terms with

и би било ДОБРЕ да it might be as well to

вървя ДОБРЕ прен. go well

(за часовник и) keep good time

работите не вървят ДОБРЕ things are going wrong/are not going well

изглеждам ДОБРЕ look well, have a healthy look

намирам за ДОБРЕ think fit, find it advisable (да to)

прави каквото намериш за ДОБРЕ do as you think fit/best, do as you please

отивам на ДОБРЕ take a turn for the better, improve

помня ДОБРЕ remember well/right

постъпвам ДОБРЕ act rightly

прекарвам ДОБРЕ have a good time, enjoy o.s.

разбирам ДОБРЕ understand clearly/perfectly, realize

справям се ДОБРЕ с cope with, deal efficiently/successfully with

той се справя ДОБРЕ с работата си he is doing well (in his work)

стои ми ДОБРЕ it fits/suits me well, it is a good fit

много по-ДОБРЕ much better, (материално) much/far better off

още по-ДОБРЕ still better

толкова по-ДОБРЕ so much the better

колкото по-скоро, толкова по-ДОБРЕ the sooner, the better

по-ДОБРЕ да го вземете you had better take it

ДОБРЕ (e),че is good that, it is a good thing that

и ДОБРЕ, че е така and a good thing/job too

правиш ДОБРЕ, че you do well/you are right to (c inf.)

ДОБРЕ, че се видяхме it's lucky we met

ДОБРЕ, че стана така it's all to the good, that's just as well

ДОБРЕ, че се сетих that reminds me

това е ДОБРЕ that's a good job

от това по-ДОБРЕ няма никъде things couldn't be better; prospects couldn't be brighter

дотук всичко е ДОБРЕ so far so good

ДОБРЕе, както си е it's all right as it is

ДОБРЕ ми е (чувствувам се добре) I'm all right. I feel well

ДОБРЕ съм се наредил ирон. be in a fine pickle/mess, be in a fix

ДОБРЕ го наредих I've fixed him all right

ДОБРЕ я свърши upoн. a nice piece of work you have done, you certainly made a mess of it; now you've done it

трябва да не съм чул ДОБРЕ I must have heard wrongly

ДОБРЕ де all right, agreed; have it your (own) way

по-ДОБРЕ смърт, отколкото... rather/sooner death than...

ДОБРЕ ми дойде това кафе this cup of coffee was just what I needed

ДОБРЕ ще ми дойдат 500 лева I could do with 500 levs